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How it started……

The idea of setting up a youth group in Attard was discussed by Fr Noel (the parish priest) and Vincent Farrugia way back in September 2008. The first call for youths was made in November 2008, however, at first the response was not very encouraging. In fact it was only after the Archbishop’s pastoral visit in January 2009 that a group of 15 youths accepted the invitation to form part of the core team with the aim of being leaders of a youth group led by youths for youths.

After holding the first meeting in February 2009, the group continued to meet regularly once a week. During these meetings the group held several team building sessions to build personal relationships, discuss individual expectations and roles as well as to identify the aims and objectives of the group. The core team also came up with the group’s name: YouthReach, inspired by the group’s mission statement i.e.

"To create a youth community, to encourage, guide and support youths
to grow in their relationship with self, family, others and God."


The ultimate vision of the group is to have a group for youths by youths. The group is managed and co-ordinated by the Core Team, which is made up of a number of members under the guidance of the group co-ordinator. The Core Team meets every Monday to discuss group related issues, plan meetings and activities and find ways on how to lead and reach new youths. In order to ensure good communication with the members and have a more focused team, each Core Team member is assigned a specific role. For more information about the Core Team structure follow this link


Youth is a time of discovery, of organizing, choosing, foreseeing and making personal decisions, decisions that will be important for the future both on a personal as well as on a social level. For this reason the time of youth is a treasure. The aim of the group is to create a youth community where youths are encouraged to unlock their treasure and help each other in the search for truth while walking together through the path of growth in their natural relationships with self, others and God.


The group's first meeting was held on 1st October 2009. That was in fact the day YouthReach was born and kept it's weekly meeting appointment since then.

Actually YouthReach meets every Thursday at 8.30pm at the Attard Youth Centre. In order to deliver interesting diverse meetings, we use the concept of subgroups, where each meeting is prepared by a chosen number of members and Core Team members. Meetings vary weekly from discussions, to games and quizzes, hikes, adorations, sports and also informative sessions. From time to time the group also invites experienced speakers to intervene on specialised subjects.

Apart from weekly meetings, the group also organises social and spiritual activities such as live-ins, retreats and fundraising events. And since YouthReach is not just a group, but also a true meaning of friendship, we also sometimes meet during weekends for some fun and relaxing time.

Who can join and how

The group is open for all youths aged 18+. To join the group there is no need for any formal application or otherwise. All you need to do is to start attending our weekly activities. We make it a point that every person is welcome and endeavour to make everyone feel accepted they way they are. If you wish to know more about our youth group you can surf our website, visit our Facebook page or send us an email on