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Birgu, one of the oldest cities in Malta is full of history. It is very well known for its vital role in the Great Siege. This week se shall roam through the dark streets of Birgu, discover more about our history and hear about creepy stories heard throughout the years. It is going to be a guided tour around the most allegedly haunted places in Birgu.

Price: €10
Time: 7.45 (Tour starts at 8.30 Birgu, those meeting us directly there please let us know)
Meeting Place: Near Pope bust (in front of Santa Katerina elderly home)
Remember that this is a walking tour so come prepared with comfortable shoes.

This tour is going to be led by Colour my Travel, and our group will be the first to experience this adventure in Malta :)

P.S ghosts like candles.. get some with you, they’ll love it