Not just a body! Thank you Caroline!

Caroline Mercieca has been a member of YouthReach coreteam since 2018, with her latest role being that of a group administrator. She has recently decided to take new ventures in life and will thus step down from her role as … Read More

YouthReach 13+/16+: Girls’ night

We shall be meeting this Friday rather than on our usual Tuesdays, and we will be holding an event exclusively for the girls! We will be meeting at 6.30pm, at Attard Youth Centre and should be done by 9pm. It … Read More

YouthReach 13+ & 16+: Night hike

Prepare your trekking shoes and energy and lets get walking! We will be doing a night hike so please bring a torch with you if possible 🙂 – Bring some water and some snack if you would like too. We … Read More

YouthReach 16+: Pick me up

The world is full of arguments and discussions, but how does one decide what to discuss first? Is it social problems? Dividing issues? Maybe useless arguments? During our meeting, tackling such discussions will be carried out through a big pile … Read More

YouthReach 13+: Debate

Do you like to share and debate your opinions with others? In a world divided on every issue, there are endless things to talk about. Next week, we will be discussing some issues that are relevant to you and affect … Read More

YouthReach 13+/ 16+: Boys’ night

Next week we shall be meeting on a Friday rather than on our usual Tuesdays, and we shall be holding an event exclusively for the boys! We will be meeting at 6pm, at St. Catherine’s Home parking area and head … Read More

YouthReach 13+ & 16+: Treasure Hunt

Date: 7 June 2022 Meeting Time 2.30pm Meeting Place: Santa Katerina Leave: 3.00pm sharp Transport – Free of charge, sponsored by the Attard Local Council Treasure Hunt @ Mdina What to get: a) comfortable shoes and clothes, b) Pen, pencil, … Read More

YouthReach 16+: Today’s Bible stories

The Bible may have been written 2000 years ago, but look around you. Are we still surrounded by those parables? Together we shall discuss.   … **YouthReach is a youth community within the parish of Attard. We organize regular weekly … Read More

YouthReach 13+: Reliving the Bible

The Bible is so dangerous that some Christians risk persecution to have one. There are more persecuted Christians in the world today than in the early days of the Church. On January 19th the non-denominational organization based in the Netherlands … Read More