We’ve all been caught staring at a burning candle for more reasons than one. Beyond its
physical illumination, a candle possesses a profound symbolism that transcends time
and space.

With that said, a burning candle symbolizes our Elizabeth, or Liz as we like to call
her, whose time has come to search new ventures in life whilst bidding a sweet
farewell to many years of service within our group.

Liz has been a member of YouthReach since its very first day back in October 2009.
In 2014 she was asked to join the coreteam where she served in many different roles
including a treasurer, a secretary, a vice President and the latest role as President.
Liz has seen YouthReach change and grow. She witnessed the beauty of it from the
very start and was there during challenging times such as the COVID pandemic and
the expansion of our group to have two groups for 13-18 year olds. She organised so
many meetings, retreats, lenten talks and so on.

Like a candle which has the ability to illuminate darkness, throughout the years, Liz
symbolised the search for truth and understanding.

Like a candle which burns brightly yet for a limited time, Liz reminded us to cherish
each moment and embrace the fleeting beauty of existence in adolescence.

Unlike sunlight, which is too strong for the eyes, the soft fire of a candle helps to
focus and calm down. That is what Liz was to all of us. With her simplicity and
righteousness she kept us grounded and focused.

Yet wax does not burn without a wick. Without a shadow of a doubt, her wick was her
faith. She is a walking example of a Catholic youth and we’re sure she has inspired
all of our youths through her deep understanding of His ways. She has taught us that
prayer brings us all together and that when in doubt we simply need to light up
another candle.

Dearest Liz, we wish you the very best in life. Rest assured you will be sorely missed
by all our members and fellow leaders. Your light will keep shining brighter, for what
you have done for YouthReach will forever keep burning.

Liz has now passed the flame to Nadine who took the role of President. They have
worked alongside each other for many years and we’re sure that she will continue
what those before her started. Good luck and let’s keep reaching youths!