Iż-żagħżugħ moħħ ir-riħ. Iż-żagħżugħ ma jafx x’issarraf il-ħajja. Iż-żagħżugħ għadu żgħir wisq biex jifhem. Imma huwa l-istess żagħżugħ moħħ ir-riħ li mimli enerġija għal ħajja. Huwa l-istess żagħżugħ li għax ma daqx il-ħajja, huwa sinonimu mal-bidla. Huwa l-istess żagħżugħ li … Read More

16+ Minute to Win It

Minute to Win It, is a well-known international game show. Players are involved in a number of 60-second challenges. A minute passes by so quickly, so join us to bring out your enthusiasm, conquer these challenges and try to keep … Read More

13+ Debate

Next Tuesday we will be learning how to prepare and participate in a debate. In this day and age there are various topics up for debate on a daily basis where everyone has different opinions and arguments. Which side will … Read More

16+ Tick Tock Timer Challenge

Tick tock, tick tock! A race against time 🙂 For this Tuesday’s meeting we shall challenge your ability to do tasks in a shortest time. Prepare your mind and roll up your sleeves ~ let’s do it!  

16+ Social Time

Calling all 16+ youth to join us for a social evening. We shall meet at 6.15pm next to the Attard Parish Centre and head to Saracino’s, where we’ll be able to have a chat and drink and snack together. We … Read More

13+ Movie Night

This Tuesday we shall be meeting for a fun movie night, while having some goodies too! A leader will be posting two movies to choose from on the parents and members page and a movie is chosen according to the … Read More