Tik tok. 2020. The big year.

Yet we suddenly wake up one fine morning, and realise we simply can’t turn back the clock…
The continuous running from one errand to another, the daily routines, the cursed alarm clocks, the checking off from to-do-lists – suddenly – all the hustling and bustling – all gone.… Read More

Keeping Connected whilst Keeping Distance

2020 has turned out to be quite a challenging year for all of us. Nonetheless, there are two ways to live in such a situation. We always choose to look at the positive side! It’s true that we are living in the era of social distancing and isolation but there’s good news! Technology can help us to socialize at a distance. Have a look at the below ideas:… Read More

Carnival Party (13 & 16+)

It’s the day that it’s OK to look silly!
YouthReach invites you to a carnival party. Get yourselves prepared for some fun games and prizes. We encourage everyone to dress up because we have a prize for the most creative costume! You don’t need to buy costumes, be original and create one yourselves 😉

Looking forward to see what you all can come up with 😀
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Biography (13+)

This week we’re going to take a look at some of the great people we may know, that contributed to the world.… Read More

Wearing a Mask (16+)

Do we wear them intentionally? And do we want to take them off? What happens if we cannot take them off? Are the people around me hiding something from me? All this and more will be discussed on Tuesday. Come join us!… Read More