The Power of a Laugh

Charles Dickens once said “There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour”. Have it ever happened to you that you see someone laughing and you just laugh at their own laugh? Isn’t that beautiful? Imagine having a contagious laugh going round!… Read More

Do You Deserve a Yellow Card?

What a month! A celebration of football that connects the world together. But have you noticed any moments where faith took priority during this World Cup? Of course, different continents and countries lead to a diversity of religions.… Read More

Welcome Aboard Margaret!

A few discussions later she joined our group and oh my my… we discovered this energetic, hard working and bubbly lass; Margaret Piscopo. Coming from a background of past youth groups, as well as her work as an LSE with youths, Margaret has been a beneficia… Read More

Birds of a feather…

The human being was not made to live alone, was not made to be alone. People make acquaintances, friends, families. But do we choose the people we want to be with? Or do people choose us?… Read More

Suq, ja ħmar!

Xi attivitajiet f’dan l-irtir għenu biex nidħol ftit fija nnifsi. Iltqajt ma’nies ġodda u kienet esperjenza sabiħa! Grazzi YouthReach… Read More