2020 has turned out to be quite a challenging year for all of us. Nonetheless, there are two ways to live in such a situation. We always choose to look at the positive side! It’s true that we are living in the era of social distancing and isolation but there’s good news! Technology can help us to socialize at a distance. Have a look at the below ideas:

Board Game Arena

This website offers lots of online games and it lets you play with people around the world or directly with your friends. You can create a board between you and your friends or family and play solely between you. No need for downloads or installs, because this works on a browser and is therefore compatible with any device. Give it a try!

 Sync Play

This is a cool software that lets you watch movies with family or friends remotely.  Basically, this works by keeping media players on different devices in sync. All you need to do is download the app, configure it on the devices to use the same room, download the film or copy the link if you are using an online URL and play. When someone pauses or plays, this will be replicated on all other devices. Cool huh?! SyncPlay is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.


This one is for book lovers. Libraries are currently closed unfortunately, but you can still find a way to read! This app Libby lets you borrow and read e-books and magazines. To do so you need to be registered with Malta Libraries first. If you are not, don’t worry you can do this online as well. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices.


This is a game party! Essentially, with this app you can play games whilst on a video call with your friends. You play against each other and at the same time you interact and see each other. Check it out, it has some good games such as Pictionary. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

These apps will never replace being with family and friends, and we encourage all of you to move away from all of this once and meet up this over, but it can help in keeping ourselves entertained whilst interacting together during such moments. Can’t wait to see you all back. In the meantime, #staysafe.