Tik tok. 2020. The big year.

Yet we suddenly wake up one fine morning, and realise we simply can’t turn back the clock…
The continuous running from one errand to another, the daily routines, the cursed alarm clocks, the checking off from to-do-lists – suddenly – all the hustling and bustling – all gone.

And yet, somehow, it feels refreshing. What we fear shall take our breath away, is exactly what is winding up our clocks. As we get to stay indoors these days, we have the luxury to be forced to stop and think. What’s coming? How can something invisible terrorise us? Why are we so afraid? What if? There is so much that we do not understand, and things do not always go as planned. We are continuously complaining that life is too hectic, too quick, yet now we have all the time we need. Or do we? We humans living in a developed country, have taken time for granted. As Buddha says, the trouble is we think we have time. But is time on planet earth; A right? A gift? A duty to make a change? If today was our last day here, what would our regrets be?

We have been granted with just one clock. If only were we to realise how precious our clock is; How important it is to cherish every second, every moment and memory; How every encounter with a human being is a blessing; How a simple smile can change the world.

  •  Live every day as if it were your first.
  • Have a grateful heart.
  • Do the things that challenge you.
  • Do not be afraid to be afraid.
  • Enjoy the little moments.
  • Smile. Cry. Feel.

As Bonnie Pruden rightly says, we can’t turn back the clock, but we surely can wind it up again.