On Monday 6th November Bernice and Jeremy attended their last CoreTeam meeting.

Bernice joined YouthReach in 2011 and since then she got involved and took part in several activities. In October 2016 she joined the CoreTeam and became social and spiritual co-ordinator alongside with Jessica. Her laugh and wonderful smile always made our CoreTeam meetings brighter.

Jeremy has been a part of YouthReach since the very beginning. In fact he was part of the first CoreTeam YouthReach has ever had. Together with another group of youths he worked hard to form the group and always kept striving to see YouthReach evolve. Jeremy’s last role within the CoreTeam was of project co-ordinator, however he has had different roles during his experience including that of vice-president. With his sense of humour, both during CoreTeam meetings and our Thursday meetings, he always managed to turn some frowns upside down 🙂

Both Bernice and Jeremy always worked hard to keep the group alive and going. Their work and dedication will always be appreciated. We would like to thank both of them for all the sacrifices they made for the group and wish them luck for their future endeavours. Keep Reaching!