For our eighth anniversary, we set a goal to launch a new website, seeing that the previous version was not intriguing to fellow youths, was visually outdated, and not responsive for mobile, in an age where 80% of internet users access it through a mobile device. During a brainstorming session held during a weekly meeting, we started by looking at what should feature in the new website, and what should not, setting priorities on where to put our focus.

From there on, it was constant work to build the website from scratch. We wanted the website to be a reflection of our group, so we set off to build a clean and flat responsive design that will look good on any device, based on the colours associated with the group, while still delivering the message to the visitors. On that note, we created a blog section that will host articles written by the members themselves, expressing their experience as part of the group, along with other articles.

One of the group’s main goals is more focus on conversation, and we did our best to express this through our website too, by including a live chat feature. This gives visitors the opportunity to talk to a group’s member directly and instantly via the website, receiving instant replies to their queries.

Upon finishing the design and functionality, it was time to focus on the underlying structure, giving the website better performance than previous iterations, strengthening its security, and giving more attention to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), to aid users find and navigate the website more easily.

We intend to keep improving this new website, firstly by keeping it updated, and also by adding new features as required. We would like to hear any feedback you might have via either the instant chat or the contact form.