Sometimes we always find the good excuse of “I’m too busy to pray”, or “I can’t find some ideal time to pray”. It’s true, life has become so fast and busy that sometimes finding time to stop from everything and dedicate time for prayer may be difficult to accomplish. So here goes 5 different ways on how you can still find time to pray:

  1. On the Move: Whilst waiting for the bus, stuck in traffic, or waiting for your kids get out of private lessons. Use familiar landmarks to remind you to thank God, ask God, seek God, and listen to God.
  2. Household Chores: Cleaning can sometimes be boring and time consuming! Make good use of it. Pray to God to clean out your heart and to bless you with his grace.
  3. Morning Rush: Whilst brushing your teeth, getting your kids dressed, making lunch, you can still pray to God. Pray to God to guide throughout the day, to have exemplary actions and not to hurt anybody with your words.
  4. Exercising: Sports and physical exercise has become part of the daily routing for some. If you’re running, doing a sport, on the treadmill or simply out for a walk, look at your surroundings and talk to God about all the blessings he has given you in your life. Remember if you’re able to do some type of exercise, you are lucky enough to be alive and in good health!
  5. Dinner Time: You may be very hungry but what about sparing 5 minutes to pray with your family? Pray for the people you encountered during the day, for blessing you with a loving family, and for giving you a shelter and a meal to end the day with.

These are just tips, there are million other times during the day when you can just pray without interrupting any of your busy schedule. So stop, think and find time to PRAY!