Have you ever observed a painter at his work? Have you noticed every element? Have you realised the importance of every little bit of equipment? Have you appreciated how every piece comes together to create something unique and beautiful?

If you haven’t, it’s all right. You don’t need to meet a painter. For each and every one of us can be a paintbrush in the hands of God.

Father Andrew has been that and more to us all at YouthReach. He has been the Artist’s inspiration, the paintbrush and its strokes, the water to cleanse the latter, the canvas for the base, and the colours on His palette.

Father Andrew, or “Dun” as we like to call him, joined our group five years ago when he was in his final year of studies at the seminary. Soon enough he started to attend our weekly meetings and coreteam meetings. Months rolled by, and before we knew it Reverend Canon Andrew Schembri was the group’s coordinator and spiritual director.

Putting aside his titles and positions within the group, to us he was family. He truly gave his heart and soul for the group. He gave his ideas, his insight, spiritual direction, and most importantly his time. For all of this, we shall be eternally grateful.

Two years ago it was time for our group to start necessary changes within the group. Dun Andrew was there through it all, and thanks to his hard work and that of the rest of the team, YouthReach today is a bigger and stronger family.

We treasure many memories: moments of laughter, deep and heated discussions, retreats, live-ins…and the list goes on.

While his presence shall be sorely missed, we couldn’t be happier for him. Dun Andrew, YouthReach wishes you all the best. May your colours paint other youths’ lives, in Ghaxaq and beyond, for the painting you have left us with will always be strongly hanging in our memories and hearts.