Dear fellow members,

Right now, I know most of you are going through a tough time. Important exams, mocks for O-
Levels, for A-Levels. Believe me, I’m right there with you, and online schooling is not helping
either. Just remember to pace yourselves. Take it step by step and don’t over stress yourselves.

This is a reminder to check where you are and calm down. If you are feeling overwhelmed, step
away for an hour or two. Do what you love and de stress, it is very easy to have a lot on your plate
right now. Stay in contact with your friends or go out for some fresh air (with the right measures of
course). Make important decisions with a clear head. If you are constantly stressing, then how are
you gonna get things done?

Some tips I’ve found useful are

Stay organised (digitally and physically,)
Take a break from the screen, whether be it reading, art or an instrument it helps your eyes take a
Get back into that hobby you liked in Form 3, it might re tonight something

Keep on pushing. Find the right people to motivate you, push you forward and help you if you need.
You aren’t alone here so surround yourself with positive energy. You can do this, you have what it
takes. Don’t let your head make impossible outcomes that you can’t reach. Besides after this,
summer is right around the corner. And who knows, we might be able to see each other again

Stay Positive :))



BY JULIA DEBONO (YouthReach Member)