That January feeling

    You know how December brings so many mixed feelings. Our days seem to be full, in preparation for Christmas. We need to decorate the house, do some Christmas shopping, catch up with family and friends. For some, then … Read More

Hang in there!

  I know some of you are going through new experiences; New subjects in Form 3, a new school in Sixth Form or University. Things are going to change very quickly, whether you like them or not. This will cause … Read More

Onboarding new leaders!

CoreTeam is welcoming on board three new members in its CoreTeam: Christina, Kyle and Julia. A month ago, we received an unexpected request from a 25 year old young leader from Ħal Balzan to join our CoreTeam. Following our initial … Read More

Every end is a new beginning

  Unfortunately for most of us, summer has come to an end.  However, this end brings us the beginning of a new scholastic year. Whether starting your first year or your last, going back to school after holidays is an … Read More

A COVID-friendly Summer

As the exam season comes to an end, the only thing on every student’s mind is how they’re going to spend their summer holidays. This year has brought us with many challenges and it’s important for us students to have … Read More

A helpful reminder

Dear fellow members, Right now, I know most of you are going through a tough time. Important exams, mocks for O- Levels, for A-Levels. Believe me, I’m right there with you, and online schooling is not helping either. Just remember … Read More

“Mirror, mirror.”

  Mirror, mirror. Mornin’! Wake up. Get up. Wash your face. Look at the mirror. Stop. Stare. What do you see? . . . You are you. | It’s ok. Smile. Don’t smile. | It’s ok. Cry. Don’t cry.| It’s … Read More