Do we live in a world that is filled with millions of mouths, that talk too much but never have anything to say?

I don’t want to hear “Sabiħ it-temp illum!” or “Rajtu dak kif qasam?” anymore. I don’t want to be pestered on bus stops or elevators by you uninterested and uncultured people. I want to be involved in real conversations about current affairs, the meaning of life, your past, your insecurities, your fears.

But for that uninterested and uncultured fellow, that small talk might turn out to be all the talk he makes in a day. That small talk might turn out to be the only bonding ritual he knows.

So never say more than necessary, but be brave enough to start a conversation that matters. What matters to you might not matter to him, but it matters. Dear Mrs. Roosevelt, small minds might discuss people. But great minds are there to listen.