A few months ago we got an email from a university student asking to join YouthReach for her course placement in Youth Community within the University of Malta. A few discussions later she joined our group and oh my my… we discovered this energetic, hard working and bubbly lass; Margaret Piscopo. Coming from a background of past youth groups, as well as her work as an LSE with youths, Margaret has been a beneficial asset to the CoreTeam and the group in general.

CoreTeam was lately discussing the possibility of asking new members to join the team, and we asked Margaret to join the CoreTeam as an official member of our group. Her immediate and spontaneous reaction to this news was enough to show how much she had grown to love this group in just a few months.

Margaret’s role within the team will be that of a Social Coordinator, together with Gabriel Pace. Join us in welcoming her to YouthReach and wish her luck in her studies 🙂

Keep Reaching!