I know some of you are going through new experiences; New subjects in Form 3, a new school in Sixth Form or University. Things are going to change very quickly, whether you like them or not.

This will cause conflicts, with close people you know, with time management and with decisions. In these situations, just take a deep breath and relax.

Change like this is unavoidable and exciting, as a second year I know. If you are worried about
abandoning your close friends, text them now and again. We live in an age of technology, no one is that far anymore. I encourage you to make new friends, especially if you are in a new school with new people.

In regards to time management and conflict in events, I suggest that you start taking note of lessons and events if you don’t already. This will avoid clashes in private lessons, extracurricular activities and other outings. I advise that you also leave some free time. Whether be it for studying, relaxing or practising a hobby, it soothes the mind and calms you down from all the travelling.

When making some choices you need to have these things in mind. You want the scholastic year to run as smoothly as possible. I wish you a good school year and the best of luck. Enjoy going to school physically!!!!