As the exam season comes to an end, the only thing on every student’s mind is how they’re going to
spend their summer holidays. This year has brought us with many challenges and it’s important for
us students to have a break, but how can we still enjoy our summer with COVID around?



What better way to enjoy the summer nights than a socially distant barbeque by the sea! With the
coming hot summer months, the best time to meet up with a few friends is after the hours where
the sun is the strongest. Not to mention that it’s fun to sit and chat with a tasty meal under the stars.
It’s important however, that you watch where you stay and make sure not to harm the environment
while you’re there.



Get your sunblock, towels and sunglasses ready and have a beach day! Malta’s mostly known for its
beautiful beaches, so why not make the most of island life by enjoying a day by the sea. Make sure
not to get sun burnt though!



Since everyone tends to laze about during the summer holidays, the best way to exercise these few
months is through a walk (or run if you’re feeling athletic ;)) In order to avoid the heat, the best
times for these walks are late evening/ night and early morning. However, be sure to avoid
dangerous paths, especially when walking at night.



If staying inside under the air conditioner is your preferred way of spending your summer holidays, a
movie marathon is the perfect activity for you. Chill and watch your favourite movie series (or a new
one!) with snacks, and enjoy the day without the intense heat that Maltese summers bring us.
For those of you still doing exams or haven’t finished school yet, have courage! Summer is right
around the corner:)